Friday Fun: Transition

Anyone else notice the wonky energy out there this week? Things lined up and then all of a sudden shifting? We noticed and we questioned, we looked and we saw:  transitioning happening all over the place - from body, to mind, to spirit. 


Transition. The word sparks excitement while simultaneously eliciting uncertainty. As things are shifting and changing all over the place, finding grounding and trusting the next steps can prove challenging.

Life is all about transition, moving from one shiny thing to the next. Most of the transitions happen seamlessly, with barely a ripple. Others seem more like slowly ripping off a bandage. While others pass painfully yet quickly.

In the midst of the transition, the challenge to stay present, to sit with the discomfort or the ease, remains. It feels better to tune out, go unconscious and hope when you wake up, when you return to your body, you are magically in a new, different, better place.

Yet, if you constantly tune out, go unconscious, you miss the magic of the journey, the heart of the experience. You miss creating the memory. Instead, breath through the transition, allow the discomfort, and marvel at where you land after you have taken your steps.


Oh, man, I don't want to write about transition as I sit in the middle of yet another one...I'm just going to blog about the weather...which, actually, just provided a lesson about transition. Whew.

Here in the Boston area, we had a very mild winter with very little snow, especially compared to last year's record snowfall. Spring arrived...and Mother Nature threw us some 70-degree days, followed closely by not one, but two snowstorms.

Observing a bunch of hardy New Englanders react to April snow was like a PSA from the Universe. The range of reactions ran wide on the spectrum. Some people embraced one last day of snow day fun, while others cried out in disbelief and threatened to move away. There were a few who indulged in some apocalyptic ranting about global warming, and those who tuned it out completely, refusing to even acknowledge the rude disruption to their picture of spring (kids who vehemently protested wearing jackets to the bus stop, I'm looking at you).

In the amusement column, it showed me that there's merit it taking my sweet time to pack away the winter gear (a Virgo can learn new tricks - selective laziness has its place!). 

The deeper lesson, of course, is that transition usually involves a little backsliding. The delicate cha-cha of 2 steps forward, one step back played out right outside my window, far enough away that it didn't hurt (much) and close enough to remind me that transition isn't a one-way street.