Friday Fun: Whatcha Doin'?

Doing. Going. Moving. Hustling. Clearing. Gettin' it done. There's so much to do every day, especially when you're conscious of body, mind, and spirit. We've been riffing on productivity this past week, especially last night during our 3rd chakra webinar (if you missed it, sign up here and get the replay). We thought it would be fun to share what we've been working on, and we'd love to hear from you what you've accomplished recently!

Elizabeth: I had a conversation the other day about one of my favorite topics and one we have blogged about, BAGS (Big Ass Growth Periods - remember a growth period is simply a time of becoming more capable). Specific to this conversation was the topic of the cycle of growing. 

We all have a spirit, the part of us that moves outside of our body and is connected to us. Our spirits go ahead, move in front of us to gather information to bring back for our minds and bodies to assimilate and integrate. As we get the information, our minds and bodies grow, shift, change to accommodate the new information. And the cycle repeats.

While the reverse is possible too, from a clairvoyant perspective, most of the time it is the spirit bringing information back to the mind and body that initiates next steps. Since most of us work on the body and mind levels the majority of the time, we often don't recognize the growth period until our bodies start telling us (we crave different foods, require more sleep, start a new workout routine, want to do different things, or be around different people, etc). 

We are always growing and changing, body, mind, spirit. Sometimes those changes appear more productive than other times and at times easier to recognize (when the growth is a new house, a new job, a new baby). When the production, the growth, is spiritual, internal, more personal, sometimes it gets overlooked as not as big of a deal. And yet, it's that growth that makes the other, visible growth possible. 

Whether you are in a resting and letting spirit deliver space, a mindful contemplative space, or moving things on a body level space, don't underestimate the productive nature of where ever you are. Give yourself time to absorb the insights. Be gentle on yourself as you transform and bring in the new. And as you tap in to your awareness through active meditation or clairvoyance, notice how spirit guides you and listen to what spirit tells you about the direction you are moving. When we pause, tune in, and pay attention, we can hear spirit communicating with us and guiding us. Then we can bring that in to production in a conscious way and manifest on the physical what we are guided to do. How's that for productive? 

Barbara: Physically, I've been working on integrating my shiny new hips (I had them both replaced in November). The "major" physical therapy is done, and now I'm really digging in to some of the more subtle aspects of recovery. It's been especially interesting to pay attention to how I walk, sit, stand and know that new neural pathways are being laid down and deepened -- and starting to notice the "new" becoming the normal. It's amazing how our brains adapt, isn't it?

Mentally, I've been absorbing and learning a lot. I've spent more time reading newspapers, political & social analysis, metaphysics, quantum physics,  and lots of spirituality of various flavors. I've returned to my study of A Course in Miracles, which has been a balm to my brain. All that good stuff has nourished my meditation practice and my meditation practice has made it easier for me to engage in conversations about our current political climate with deeper compassion and more patience (still not a lot of patience, but some is better than none!).

I've also been enjoying a mental vacation almost every day as I work my way through The Gilmore Girls (yes, apparently I live under a rock, and I'm only on season 2 so no spoilers, please!). There's just something so comforting in curling up with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and a detour to Stars Hollow! 

Spiritually, I've been relying on my AMP tools (that's our Active Meditation Practice, in case you're wondering) as always to keep me centered as I watch our new president in action. I've also been enjoying some quality time in my mediumship space, connecting with Spirit and getting a ton of information. That's compelling me to finally work on a mediumship program, which is wicked exciting and I can't wait to share it with you all (I'm also parking that little tidbit here for accountability - if I tell you I'm co-creating it, then I can't slack off and binge on Gilmores, right?)!