Friday Funtastic: Almost Daring

When we created Daring Spirits, we set out to highlight daring in whatever form daring took. We wanted to validate those doing daring things every day, noting that what daring looks like to one person may look very different to another. 

Daring to us means showing up, playing big in our lives, and stepping into the challenges and next steps versus shying away from them. Daring looks like many things to us personally - some days daring is taking multiple children to the grocery store, some days it is recording a video and posting it for the world, and some days it is much simpler and less defined, and yet no less daring. 

Life is full and fabulous. It is clumsy and messy. It is adventurous and restrained. It is intense and calm. In all of the mix, we all have days of daring and even of almost daring (when we are gearing up for the "daring" event). 

As we reflected on this week, we discovered we are sitting in a space of almost daring...lining things up for what's next and getting ready to take the leap (exactly what that leap is, well, if we told you that wouldn't be as much fun, would it? although we are fairly certain you all can already see where this is headed...).


Daring is as daring does, right? And yet, even daring needs a break, right? 

This week we have cleared and moved energy behind the scenes. It started with a couple simple chair healings to begin a "play" session (our idea of play is creating, discussing, writing, blogging, organizing, and reading energy - what others define as work) and what resulted were three big growth periods where we all three ended up retreating to our spaces for a little bit, needing a nap and good food to bolster ourselves back up, as we prepare for our next step. Hence the 'almost daring.' 

We are going to refer to the period of time prior to taking a big step or acting on a decision the 'almost daring' phase. It's the warm up before the race, it's the practice before the actual test, it's the dress rehearsal before show time. 

As we have been daring to show up here on the blog and in readings and healings, we have been quietly gearing up to show up bigger. We have realized that in leading up to the big daring piece, there are a series of almost daring steps ... which in and of themselves could be considered daring. 

Am I making sense? You with me? 

You are each simultaneously taking a big step while also taking little steps along your path. That's how life goes - a series of steps and before you know it a path is formed. When we dare to take a leap off the path or surge ahead on the path, each step leading up to that represents a piece of the daring. 

Which piece are you working on right now? Where are you daring or almost daring? 


Perhaps my sense of what is daring has become a little skewed. I see so many things as daring now that I wouldn't have recognized before I started paying attention. It's true, what is daring in one moment is hum-drum the next.

To me, daring looks like speaking your truth. As simple as that - not playing games, not trying to out-do or out-smart anyone, not hurting people, simply being honest about where you are and what you need. And when it's time to bring those big ideas into the body and take action, that's also daring.

I've been thinking about all the people who are dancing around just outside the Daring Spirits space, who ask again and again (and again and again), "So, what is Daring Spirits, anyway?" I'm talking about the ones who are curious about real-life meditation tools or energy or what it means to go all in, and don't speak up. They don't ask the question that's burning on their hearts. They don't sign up for the meditation course or a reading or a healing, and yet they are asking for the information in a hundred different ways. They don't give themselves permission to play.

It looks like they are almost daring, and something's in their way.

If I look, I can see that someone's this close to taking what, for them, is a daring step - and I wonder what's stopping them. Why stop at almost daring? I mean, take a breath, get yourself ready...and then dare.

You can stand on the diving board and watch the water as long as you want, and you'll never know what it feels like to hit the water. If you're chasing that experience, at some point you just have to jump. Right?

I'm not saying rush in without a plan, and I'm not invalidating the need to pause and heal and honor the body's need for a break. I'm saying, if it feels like you're almost daring, maybe  - just maybe - that's the sign that you are ready!


ps - if you are ready, check out AMP (our active meditation practice program) - you won't be disappointed you dared to go for it.