Friday Line Up: What Energy Are You Working?

This week we looked at alignment. When you're grounded in your path (whatever that looks like for you), you naturally are more aware of the energies around you, and the energies you're matching. We all align with energies all the time, and it can be a lot of fun - not to mention extremely helpful - to know what you're working. For example...

Barbara: If I have to distill it to one energy, I'm going with healing. I've been noticing for the last several months that my body is signaling that it's working overtime to keep up with the higher vibrations I've been connecting to in meditation. It started with some wild mediumship experiences last fall (more about mediumship coming soon-ish, I promise!), and there's no indication it'll slow down any time soon. 

So, yeah...healing...or, perhaps to go one level deeper, integrating might be even more accurate. It's all about learning to let these higher vibrations be a part of the everyday, and paying attention when my body asks for support. Recently, that support has included more meditation and prayer, regular massages, doing more astral body healings*, getting a little more rest (either sleeping or just taking it easy), upping my essential oil game, and adding a few supplements to my diet.

What's funny to me as I think about this is that what I just wrote about integrating and healing is my biggest motivator for co-creating Daring Spirits in the first place. Most people spend a great deal of their lives seeking information, and then figuring out how to integrate what they learn. Are you with me? It just happens that I really enjoy doing that through active meditation, clairvoyance, and mediumship and I'm unapologetic in my ability and willingness to talk about it openly. So, hey, you know where to find me when you are ready to learn some stuff and bring new things into your life - and I will happily share what helps me integrate it, in case it's helpful to you!

* Give a healing, get a healing; one awesome perk of being an energy worker is that when we offer Spirit space to be present and heal through us, we, too, receive the benefits of the healing - thanks to the field of energy that connects us all!

Elizabeth: Ease. Not to be confused with everything being easy, although I am not resistant to that either. Ease in terms of allowing and non-resistance (which I guess helps things become easy...).

I would like to think I'm not a worrier, and yet, I started to notice myself working the "worried" energy periodically, except it wasn't real worry. (By "real" worry, I mean worry that is grounded in reason.)  I started calling myself on this fake, programmed worry because, really, it doesn't serve me or anyone around me. All it does is create unnecessary angst which translates in to resistance. And we all know what happens with resistance - that which we resist, sticks. 

In response, I have consciously shifted the aim to ease. Allowing. Practicing non-resistance when the things that in the past would have caused me to pause, hesitate, or remember to breath. Rather than resist, I work ease, non-effort, and allowing. I choose to respond in trust (aka love) rather than worry (aka fear).  

Side note, I took the topic of alignment so much to heart this week, I scheduled my car to be aligned and have its tires rotated. That's dedication...

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