Friday Musings: The Future Me

I walk around with my day planner, my smart phone, my sticky notes, all in an effort to keep things organized, scheduled, and planned.

Then the unexpected happens.

Or was it unexpected? Did we know? Did we suspect? 

I often think in two ways:  the current me and the future me. When events happen that push me out of my comfort zone (unexpected, sometimes costly events), I do my best to stay present and yet find comfort in checking in with what "future me" would say. When I do that, the message is along the lines of:  it's okay, everything works out, trust, trust, trust. 

When you are in the throes of it, in the trenches, in the weeds, it is intense. When you can rise above, step out of it, or in some cases crawl your way out, the intensity lessens. When you see a situation from 5 years out, 10 years out, 30 years out, all of a sudden, the energy shifts to the point of ease. Things get easier, even when still sitting in the present moment. Allowing yourself to look forward in order to look back helps to clear the energy. It is a way to see pieces unfold. 

Some might call it perspective. Others might call it looking at the big picture. I call it "messages from the future me." 

My future me has a lot to share. In meditation, I catch glimpses of the future me. I don't use clairvoyance to predict the future. I don't love working with energy to know what's going to happen tomorrow. I use it as a means to see, to notice, to validate. When I look ahead, when I hear from "future me," it brings peace and calm. 

Spirit works for us always, bringing us messages, delivering us information, and reminding us of our strength. 

What does your "future you" have to say these days? Maybe it is time to ask and notice that with all the planning, all the organizing, we still need to be present and open for the unexpected. Then trust, trust, trust. It's all unfolding for us, to see, to learn, to grow, to have.

As we do. 



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment