Friday Reflection: No Regrets

No regrets. I know you have heard the phrase. You may have said it once or twice. And yet, do you mean it? 

Most of the time it comes up with the bigger chances in life - going to college, taking a job, moving across country. We seek to make the decision that will lead to not having feelings of regret later.

How about the day to day decisions? Choosing to let someone ahead of you in traffic? Holding the door for someone? Helping someone with their groceries? Stopping what you are doing to help a friend? Deciding to be there for someone no matter what the hour or the request? Seizing the chance to ask and going for it? Looking up from the text message to see what's happening in front of you?

How about those regrets? Or would there be too many of those incidences we might find ourselves overcome with regret? If we stopped to think about the times we could have chosen sensitivity, forgiven without being asked, or paused to share a laugh and be present for someone in our life, would the regrets turn into a pile bigger than the pile of leaves I raked this fall?

This week, we all got the reminder that life can take unexpected turns.

It's one thing to say "no regrets" and it is another thing entirely to live by it. To consciously decide each moment what response to give, to be present to what is unfolding every step of the way.

(Caution:  Living consciously may require periodic naps..)

As we reflect on world events, especially those in Paris this week, let it serve as an opportunity to commit, or re-commit as the case may be, to living with no regret, not simply on the big stuff, on the day to day choices as well. Live in this moment, dare to share it, to embrace it, and to trust it.