Friday Game Changer: Where are you showing UP?

We have talked about showing up this week. It's a game changer. It changes everything when people show up. And the kicker -- it's so easy to not show up! Life is so much less when we hide, when we keep quiet, when we are a no show. Life is also way more fun when we seek, when we speak up, and when we show up!

This week, we dare to share where we are showing up and challenge you to share where you are showing up with us (or at least contemplate it in your own life).


I love to hide. I have written blogs about hiding. I'm a master. I lalso love to show up, to support, and to show up for others. 

When push comes to shove, showing up can be tough and it can look like different things.

I have looked at it. And some days, I have really shown up the way most expect (being present, participating, adding "value") and somedays I have taken a backseat.

What I keep noticing time and again is how beautiful life is when we dare, when we check yes, when we go all in (as Barbara says), and when we show up.

I also keep noticing how it's okay to take a backseat at times because sometimes taking a backseat is showing up, simply in a different way. That showing up is also beautiful and daring. 

Wherever you are showing up, however you are showing up, keep going! And where or when you find yourself not showing up, dare to go all in, even if that means all in is a backseat for a little bit.  


I'm willing to show up. What often trips me up is figuring out how to be there when I get there. I mean, doesn't everyone have those moments when they look around and say, "What the heck am I doing here?"


After decades on this round rock hurtling through space, I've learned something. I didn't need my clairvoyance to learn this truth, though it was quite helpful in finally seeing it and getting it and believing it and trusting it. 

Allow me to save you some stumbles, or to validate something you already suspect is true: what we do when we get there is not as important as actually getting there

For real. Getting there, showing up, is the most powerful thing you can do. Think about it. The game begins when you get there. When you show up. When you are in the arena, as Brené Brown would say. Until you are actually in the moment, the game is completely hypothetical.

You cannot do something without showing up in some way. 

It might be physical, it might be mental, it might be spiritual - but the essential step you have to take is to get in the game. To show up.

Which makes me wonder, are there times when it's ok to just show up in body? Enough to be there in spirit? To think about showing up?

Yes, and I bet you can think of recent examples of each of those situations in your own life. I sure can.

And when you show up and you're part of the picture, then all you have to do is show up for the next moment. And the one after that. And the one after that. Get there. And then be there.

Because then, and only then, will you be able to see what you're there for.