Friday Fabulousness: The Layers of Being Human

Being human. It's a deal. Life is hard sometimes. And sometimes it is so easy. And sometimes it's all good and sometimes it's not the very next moment.

We are talking dichotomies here. Life is full of them. We have the ups, the downs, and everything in between. 

We looked at layers this week in the midst of living the layers. Here's our take (we would love to hear yours)!


For the last 8 plus years, I have been in the throws of welcoming life into the world. When you are in that space, life looks different. One goes into the hospital and two come out. It is a miracle. Life.

Recently, I have observed the other side of life, the saying goodbye part. One goes into the hospital and that one doesn't always come out. It too a miracle, although not always seen as such. Life.

Both of these experiences push us in different ways. They create space for contemplation, reflection, appreciation, joy, and sadness. It's all bundled into the two very different experiences. Each side of life lending itself to personal transformation, an opportunity, if you will, to shake things up, to decide to engage more or pull back, to keep going status quo, or to move the needle and take a next step.


Can I start by saying HELLO??!! Every now and then a blog topic comes up that smacks me in the face. Today is one of those.

So you may think that we at Daring Spirits are all calm and zen, that we handle every situation with perfect grace, using the tools we love so much. And we do, and then we don’t. We are human; painfully, beautifully, and unapologetically human. I think the part of what makes us human, the core of it all, is to be able to feel deeply, to be deeply moved by emotion.

I’ve always been a deep feeler, this has served me well and also caused me pain. All the rainbow of emotions come through me in a kaleidoscope of colors. Joy and amusement, sadness and anger, and also love. The thing about being a juicy, emotion filled human is, it can make you vulnerable. To love deeply when others do not, to have amusement in situations that others find only struggle, it makes you unique, it makes you human.

The tools we teach highlight the human experience. They help you to tap into what is authentically you. Self-knowledge brings with it a higher potential to experience all the layers of being human. 



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment