We walk through our days functioning most of the time. While we may not refer to it that way, it seems most of us do just that, function, which makes me wonder:  how often do you consciously bring the fun into the functioning?

I am not suggesting that everything in life is fun. Some moments, some parts of this life, are not fun. That is part of the experience. It's not all a game, and yet it is kind of all a game, isn't it?

What I am suggesting is that we are surrounded by opportunities to bring in fun more often than we might realize. It's human nature to fall into routine - and in those routines, sometimes we go on autopilot. We forget to notice, to engage, to enjoy. In the daily functions, we forget to bring amusement, lightness, and good old fashioned appreciation. We get lost in the habitual, in the ho-hum, in the doldrums.

We're creatures of habit, and even if the habit is a drag sometimes we still cling to it. How awesome that we can change that!

Now, when I refer to fun, I am not proposing everything is roll-on-the-ground hilarious; rather, that we can consciously bring in lightheartedness to the daily activities that make up our lives.

We call in amusement. We can choose to match a vibration that is lighter, higher, more fun that the one that's become routine.

Add some amusement to your space. Envision a watering can or a garden hose or a big cloud above you (the key is, make it a little bit silly, something that makes you smile or even chuckle - be playful with it), and see that object full of relaxation, entertainment, humor, laughter (whatever comes up for you and that you would like more of) and allow it to sprinkle in and around you, glittering and filtering what you see so that the edges soften a bit and things become gentler. In other words, lighten up! When we lighten up, life suddenly becomes more pleasant.

The challenge this week: find the fun! Yes, there are mundane things that need doing, yet you can make the mundane more enjoyable with amusement. Use your visual of a watering can to fill with amusement when things feel challenging, play your favorite song while cleaning, or call a friend when taking a walk. Take note of what and who is around you, see others smiling and laughing (two very contagious things) and let a smile or laughter slip into your space as you complete the task at hand. Set the intention, see the change, and have an awareness of what shifts when things feel light or amusing, when you bring the fun into your daily functioning.

As we do.