#tbt: Go Big

This post originally appeared on January 12, 2016.

This is a little bit of a riff on last week's post about being...ok. In that post, I wrote about how limiting your engagement with the world doesn't do anyone any good. Only talking about the experiences that fall in the middle of the emotional spectrum - not too hot, not too cold, but landing squarely in Goldilocks-like ok-ness - does not add value to the experiences of anyone else, and can even devalue your own experiences.

I've been thinking about that a lot lately. I've been noticing how people speak, the words they use to describe their lives. Do you know what stands out to me? How many times people play small, and how refreshing and energizing it is to talk with people who aren't afraid to go big.

And here's the thing: going big doesn't necessarily mean having all the toys. It simply means not playing by the limitations of small thinking.

I'm making the conscious choice to surround myself with people who are "all in," showing up and having it all and not holding back. I'm choosing to spend as much time as possible with people who are working at a higher vibration than I am, because I have found that it makes me a better version of myself. 

What do I mean by that? It's pretty simple, actually. I'm kind of done with the energy of lack and scarcity, e.g., "That's too expensive," or "I can't have that." I'm disengaging from the pictures of all-stress-all-the-time: "I don't have time to [insert thing that they enjoy or is good for them]," or "I'm so tired!" And general low-level grumbling and complaining? So. Over. It. If it's worth enough of your time to complain about it, then it's worth your time to try to change it (or your view of it, whatever "it" is).

Essentially, all of that stuff ends up being ways to play small, ways to justify not getting clear about what you want and then getting up and going for it. It's staying in the middle, not too hot, not too cold, just ok.

Are you ready to go big, and aren't sure how? Get out of the middle lane. Try spending time with people who are already doing it - people who are actively co-creating the life of their dreams. Pay attention to your words and the words of those around you. Consciously show up to your life and give yourself permission to imagine what you want, and take a step toward that. Watch how you use your words. Raise your vibration.

And notice what happens.

ps - meditation is a great way to facilitate the shift in mindset you might need to go big; if you're ready, check this out: AMP