Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations

This post originally appeared on June 10, 2016.

I’ve been thinking about resonance lately, especially sympathetic vibration. I’m talking about the idea that if you pluck a guitar string in a roomful of guitars, the sound waves will activate matching strings on other guitars and they will vibrate along with the first string, amplifying the sound.

People are like that. We instinctively resonate with people who are having similar life experiences to ours - we say that we’re on the same wavelength. Something in them activates something in us, and together we amplify that feeling/attitude/experience.

That has a definite upside, in that we can use resonance to shift moods and amplify positive things in the world. Feeling stressed? Hop online and watch a few crazy cat videos - and shift your vibration to one that resonates with the sheer happiness of jumping in and out of a box or the fun of chasing a laser pointer. Boom - joy amplified! Experiencing fear or doubt? Call that friend who radiates confidence and get her talking about a recent accomplishment. Pow - trust and certainty cranked up!

Inevitably, we fall victim to the downside of resonance, too. Walk out into the world in a great mood and encounter someone who’s stressed out. Whammo - we’re suddenly radiating negativity, too.

I live with (and home school) three children, so there are a lot of vibrations flowing in our home at any given time. I get out in the world. I’m on Facebook and Twitter and read news and watch TV. My husband works with lots of other people, and he brings home energy from those interactions. There are energetic guitar strings being plucked all around me, around all of us, all the time.

I treat managing my resonance like a full-time job. I protect my vibration like it’s the most important thing in the world, because in terms of creating the kind of life that I want, the kind of life that feels good and joyful and satisfying and connected and worthwhile - it is. The wavelengths that I ride attract more of the same, so it’s important to know what’s in the air around me.

Those who know me can attest, I don’t only match what we think of as positive vibrations. I have a temper - anger or defensiveness in others lights me up. I match the vibration of depression faster than you can say SNRI (which is why I take an SNRI anti-depressant - my string at that vibe is overly sensitive and impossible to control without help). My youngest openly shares his frustrations as he learns to navigate the world, I can match frustration like a boss. 

When my strings play a harsh tune, when I feel dissonance, it’s a message from the universe. Some vibrations are uncomfortable - those are the things to avoid, change, reframe, eliminate. We are manifestations of a Spirit that is love, joy, peace. Those are the wavelengths that feel best to us. When we resonate at those vibrations, when we amplify them in the world, we improve the lives of everyone we encounter. 

Just for fun, visualize your internal guitar strings as you encounter different situations. Observe what vibrations are quick to resonate with you and how they make you feel. Practice awareness and some control over your strings.

And notice what happens.