TBT: Everyday Clairvoyance

This post originally appeared on November 10, 2015.

Life feels like it's moving really fast. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - I've been firing on all cylinders lately. And you know what? I won't lie to you, it's been a little brutal. Finding a spot to rest has been difficult. Do you know the feeling? Every time I turn around, I'm either making another breakthrough or having some kind of system breakdown. I started feeling overwhelmed, confused, and incapable of moving forward.

The only logical thing to do, in that case, obviously, is to stop turning around, right?

That little jolt of of self-talk started as a joke, a silly quip to lighten things up. Then I realized it's actually spot on. The picture came to me in an instant; I saw myself pivoting like a basketball player, barely setting my moving foot down before picking it up and spinning to face a different direction. It was not a peaceful image. 

In that instant, I saw how I could ease my over-loaded circuits. I saw how I could back down the intensity I'd been piling on myself, and shift my vibration to something more comfortable for my body to handle. 

Stop. Breathe. Simply be where I'm at, take a moment to validate and appreciate all the things that have been lit up, released, brought in, or otherwise bubbled through my consciousness. Exhale, and energetically shift my weight. And then, pick up the other foot. Life isn't a basketball game, there's no rule against traveling here.

Immediately, I felt the shift. My shoulders dropped about a foot and a half, my jaw unclenched, and the buzzing in my brain faded. I felt lighter. More free. Calm. Capable. Empowered.

It was a fun reminder of the power of clairvoyance. I didn't outwardly change a single thing (there's still a metric butt ton of stuff to be done - there always will be). I simply read the energy of what I was feeling; I let a picture pop up that gave me the relevant information.

It sounds easy, and in many ways it truly is. Yes, it takes practice. Yes, it took time to develop the skills. Yes, I really believe you can do it, and it is totally worth it. Open up to the possibility of your own clairvoyance.

And notice what happens.

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