Affinity in the Sun

My Affinity - Fun            

I have to admit, that, when I looked at this week’s theme, “affinity,” I had to google the word. I had a vague idea, but I wasn’t sure what it exactly means.

The dictionary had to say the following among others:

“affinity - a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.”

Surprisingly, the first thing coming up, when I was considering what I had an affinity for, was the beach. It wasn’t yoga, it wasn’t my family (please don’t tell;0)), it was a hot, sunny day at the beach. My body is aching for some warmth, for some sun, and I fear the winter here in New England has done more then enough for the season, in my opinion.

The sand between my toes, the sound of seagulls calling and waves crashing, my happy children’s faces and space, so very much space.

A memory came up from our vacation last summer, the colors, the air. It was a dream. Wild thunderstorms at the beach, sailboats.

I am not sure what you are doing these days, but I am dreaming of the beach. And I am hoping to be able to go soon.

At Daring Spirits we are looking at the 4th Chakra this week as well. The heart chakra, the chakra of love. Love as unifying force, the space for all kindness and joy. If you can open your 4th chakra, if you can let the energy flow freely and live in love, what a splendid life it can be.

And what an easy task to open your heart, when one is en”joy”ing a warm and beautiful day at a long, white and sandy beach. Not long my friends, not long anymore.

Sat Nam.

photo by Romy Eichner

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