Hope or Faith?

Hope is a feel-good emotion, right? Who doesn't feel uplifted when they have something to hope for? Hope implies that there is a future coming, a future in which the thing we are hoping for may come to pass. It's fun to hope for things. It's comforting to hope for things. There's a delicious mysteriousness to hope, and the thrill of anticipation.

Hope, however, presumes a level of uncertainty. It also takes us out of the present moment, and puts our attention on that future space. 

That's why, when I really want something, I prefer faith to hope. 

I'm not talking about faith as in religious faith (though I do practice one, it's not relevant here). I'm talking about faith as in a trust, a belief, a conviction. I'm talking about the faith we place in someone or something, whether it's in our selves or someone else or the universe. Faith is a kind of optimism, a confidence that all will turn out the way we want it to. I sometimes find faith harder than hope, exactly for that reason. 

And yet, I still prefer faith to hope, because in order to have faith, I first have to (get to) do something. I have to put myself on the line in some way. With hope, I can just sit back and, well, hope for the best. With faith, I have to decide what outcome I want and determine a path toward it. To me, faith feels more defined than hope. There's power in putting your faith in something or someone. It's an expression of knowing you will be successful no matter what. Hope leaves more to chance. 

That's why I love active meditation, clairvoyance, and mediumship so much. For me, it's truly about having faith in the universe. It's about getting in touch with those higher-vibration emotions like faith, like love, like certainty - and learning from them. It's about releasing the uncertainty of hope and inviting in the confidence of faith.

I heard a message recently that summed it up so well for me:

"Information is power.
Information with action is better.
Information with action and organization is greater.
Information with action, organization, and imagination is formidible
Information with action, organization, imagination and faith is unbeatable."
-  Otis Moss, III - Pastor of Trinity Church in Chicago

I love that so much, because for me it represents the circle of mediumship. Getting information (that's all mediumship is, you know - learning your spirit's information), bringing it into the body as action, and having faith that it'll take you where you need to go because you're acting on information that is meant for you.

Pay attention to where you are hoping and where you are having faith. Notice how you speak - how often do you say, "I hope..."? Find a way to manipulate your "I hope..." into "I have faith in (or that)..." (spoiler alert: it will likely require an action on your part)

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment