#tbt: How Do You Know?

This post originally appeared on November 12, 2015. Almost one year later, things have a different tone in the U.S. We selected this blog today because the choice made this week in the election may or may not resonate with everyone as the "right" decision. We are all in "a wait and see game." The best thing to do:  expand our awareness, continue to be mindful of our own actions, thoughts, and words, and trust. 

How do you know something is the "right" thing? The right person to love/to marry? The right house to purchase? The right place to live? The right job to take? The right time to have kids or don't have kids? 

How do you know? 

My experience is that we don't know. No one really knows. It comes down to trust, gut feelings, "good" information, and luck. Yes, let's go with luck.

What if it's not so much about knowing the "right" thing? What if it is more about knowing what is right, right now, at this very moment, and trusting the rest to unfold? Or rather it is about not knowing if what is happening right now is "right" and still trusting as the process unfolds?

The Universe delivers in magnificent ways everyday. Sometimes we are in such a hurry, we miss it. Sometimes we are so consumed with our own worries, fears, or "stuff," we fail to recognize the miracles. 

I like to picture life like a giant game of trust fall where I fall back and although I am not sure who or what is going to catch me, if I trust, something or someone will catch me. It may not be the perfect match, it may not be the forever thing, however, it will catch me and be the exact right thing in that moment. 

As we do.  

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment