#tbt: Friendship Feeds the Soul

This post originally appeared on June 22, 2016.

As I have rearranged nearly every aspect of my life in the past year, authenticity has been strongly on my mind. When we are given a chance to start fresh, how do we build an authentic existence? One of the areas that repeatedly comes up for me in the search for authenticity is friendship.

Life is full of varied levels of friendships: casual friends you see in passing, long distance friends you catch up with on the phone, Facebook friends who may or may not be presenting authentic versions of their lives; and then there are the soul friends. Soul friends are the ones that feel like family, that pick you up when you are down, that are just as quick to rush to your aid as they are to share a deep belly laugh with you. Soul friends are the ones that stay with you forever, even if they move away, even if your lives take you in different directions, these friends leave a permanent mark.

Evaluating our friendships is a natural process as we age, although some of us have friends from grade school, many of us find our tribe later in life. I have also seen and experienced the fact that as we grow and dive into the depths of who we are, that our friendships must grow with us or we must move on. The ability to let go of relationships that no longer work for us creates space for new relationships that meet us where we are, or perhaps met us where we hope to land.

Sometimes we get hung up on health being a reflection of what we eat and how we move our body. The area that is often ignored is how our soul is being fed. This can be in the form of an inspiring career, a fulfilling spirituality practice, as well as meaningful relationships. Without these areas, health and wellness is superficial. I am so blessed to have soul friends right where I work. In case you haven’t caught on from our post and videos, we Daring Spirits REALLY like each other!

And as the three of us joked about last night, friends are great, and sometimes you still want chocolate and that's ok too!


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