How to Break a Habit (with active meditation)

We all love our rhythms and routines, our patterns and systems. And yet, sometimes we need to change things up, break the habit, step out of our comfort zones in order to grow, take a step, and rise to meet a challenge. We can look at how we break a habit on many levels - body, mind, and spirit.

First, on a body level, having the awareness of the habit you wish to break is vital. Be it biting your nails, eating ice cream every night, or leaving late for work. Noticing and being conscious is step one. 

Second, deciding it's time to shift things is key. Without the decision, there is no space created to change things.

Third, using spirit to mindfully move forward makes the shift easier on the body and mind. By seeing what you want to change, visualizing and working the shift during your active meditation practice, the habit, the pattern starts to break up with less effort. The more you see the shift, the easier to manifest the shift. 

Next time you are in active meditation, create a picture of the habit you wish to break - look at yourself doing the habit, see it. Imagine it like a movie scene playing out in front of you. Then use your AMP program techniques of grounding and creating & destroying to release the energy of the habit. As you release and clear the energy out, notice how you feel. Check in with your body and pay attention to what is shifting and changing. Notice your thoughts and what is popping up. Then, make space for the new to come in by creating a symbol (whatever image appears or works for you) and let that image represent the new habit or the space created from breaking the habit. Fill that space with your energy (and even use a healing gold color to fill in the space). As you do this, check in with your body and how it feels as well as with your mind to  notice what is surfacing. What has shifted? How do you feel?  

That is using active meditation to break a habit. Using the power of visualization, of reflection, or meditation to see something and watch it shift. In doing that, in creating the space for change on a spirit level (i.e. in meditation) you are making the transition easier for the body and mind. What we see, we manifest. When we see ourselves do something, create something, or break a habit of something, it sets us up for bringing that into our body and mind. 

Next time you wish to change things up, to break a habit or two, to stop patterns, don't simply rely on the will power of your body and mind to make things happen. Access your higher power, your spirit, to consciously see and know what is possible. Use active meditation to break a habit and watch what unfolds. You might very well be amazed at what you can do and how fast you can do it (spirit moves pretty fast...)! 

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