How to Change a Tire with Meditation

When you are driving down the highway in the pouring rain, I mean pouring rain, raining so hard you are driving maybe 25 mph, and you notice something is not quite right with one of your tires, what is your first reaction? Panic? Pull over? Find the nearest rest stop? Pray? Meditate?

My first response was to work my active meditation techniques, more specifically, start working the gold. As part of our AMP program, we talk about using gold. Gold is healing to the body, mind, and spirit. It is a high vibration color that works to neutralize situations, emotions, and events. 

So, as I found myself driving down the highway in the pouring rain with a tire situation and my children in the back, I immediately started running gold through it all and asked my children to do the same. I didn't go in to meditation - I was driving - I simply imagined gold ahead of me. The road paved with gold much like the yellow brick road. I imagined gold all around us and worked the image of gold that we would find a place to pull over, investigate the situation, and ultimately get home safely.

What followed? Well, the gold worked. The rain moved on, we got off at the next exit and pulled into the first gas station we found. Of course there was an air machine and of course my daughters had randomly brought quarters enough to get 3 minutes of air to attempt to fill the tire. And, of course, the tire was leaking air as fast as I could fill it. 

Next step, keep working the gold. Call for roadside assistance. Where are we? Who knows? Get out of the car, the gas station attendant steps out asks if I need help. I tell him the situation. "I can change your tire," he says. "No problem." 

Thirty minutes later, tire changed by the kind soul, out of the goodness of his heart (there are good people in the world), continue on the journey. Make the usual hour drive home in three hours on a spare tire, and yet, made it. Traffic flows and when you pull in the driveway to find the spare has gone flat too, you breathe a sigh of relief. 

How did you do it? Gold. Guides. Active meditation techniques working in real life. That's how you change a tire with meditation. 

For more information on active meditation and to learn real life meditation techniques for real life results, check out our AMP program.