How to Eliminate Waiting with Active Meditation Techniques

I’m going to tell you right now, I lied. I lied in the title of this blog. There is no way to actually eliminate waiting (on the physical level, spirit level, yes) because in life at some point we all have to wait for something, even if it is just at a red light or in the bathroom line at the Red Sox game. Sooner or later, we all have to wait for someone or something.

The trick is to make the wait not seem like a wait, right? Because as they say “a watched pot never boils.”

Have you ever wanted to fall in love so badly your head hurt and then all of a sudden your career takes off? Or have you ever wanted your career to take off and instead you fall madly in love? You get the idea.

Often when we focus so much on one thing, it stifles the flow. While in the mean time, the part of our life we weren’t paying intense attention to starts ramping up. Why is that?

We can inadvertently limit a natural flow in our lives by unconsciously focusing or wanting something so badly that the Universe has no time and space to respond. We get frustrated and tired of waiting, pressure mounts, and the idea of being in the flow of life all but vanishes.

The goal is to not actually eliminate the wait; rather let go of the “thing” you want to manifest in order to give it space to appear. That’s where active meditation techniques offer amazing results.

Active meditation techniques such as grounding, creating and destroying, and working with your energy, when practiced, give you a focus. When centered on the here and now, you release expectations in order to be present. You shift off of what is coming to have what is now. When you do that, you see and discover all there is to do, know, and have in the present (and there is a lot happening right here, right now that is worth noticing, seeing, and participating in!). By using active meditation, you can create pictures of what you want to manifest and then while waiting for them to arrive, stay “busy” with what’s happening now, right in front of you (thus giving the other stuff time and space to appear and making the wait feeling like it flew by!).

Next time you find yourself waiting and feel annoyed with the wait, use active meditation techniques to come back to the present. Embrace where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. You may find the active meditation techniques eliminate your wait time entirely…

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