How to Get Out of a Rut

Since we are all about active meditation here at DS, you might think the first suggestion to how to get out of a rut would be to meditate. Except, sometimes that is the last thing you want to do, even though, yes, it might be a faster way to move through the rut.

The challenges with ruts:
1. Sometimes you don't even realize you are in one
2. You realize you are in one and you don't know how to get out
3. You know what you need and yet it feels like you either can't communicate it or what you need is not accessible/available/possible

The solution to how to get out of a rut:
1. Sit in it. Thought not fun, sometimes the last thing you want to do, when you sit with something, often things get lighter. My family tells a story of a man stuck in the mud. No one could get him out. People came and tried and nothing worked. Finally, someone came by and sat down saying "I can't get you out of the mud, but I can sit in the mud with you." The simple act of sitting in it, sitting with it, or sitting with someone is a healing.

2. Don't resist it. Resistance is futile, right? We don't even realize how much resistance we hold on to throughout our days. Most massage therapists will agree they can see it in our bodies manifested as tight shoulders and necks. While they might like us to keep resisting (job security), relaxing our resistance muscles could help not only our bodies, but our minds, and spirits too. 

3. Amusement. Bring in amusement, light heartedness, playfulness, laughter. Amusement is not making everything funny - it's seeing it for what it is, pulling back from the situation, lighting things up and lightening things up. I have yet to meet a situation where amusement doesn't help tremendously. 

4. Get a reading/healing. Reach out for insight, a fresh perspective, a new approach. Having a fresh set of (neutral) eyes on a situation can make things so much easier to manage and navigate. A reading and healing highlight what's happening and what's working while bringing in next steps to moving forward. 

5. Finally, meditate. If you can manage 30 seconds to ground and ask yourself what's going on, it can do wonders. And what pops up usually isn't as scary as you might have thought. 

Following these steps helps you move out of a rut more quickly and with more ease. When things feel hard, they don't usually feel fun, we don't want to do them, and that's when we can get stuck. Embrace the rut, do your best to not resist it, bring in your amusement, get some insight, and see it for yourself. It's a sure fire recipe for how to move out of the rut and back in the flow of your life! 

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