How's Your Havingness?

"Havingness" is the capacity to receive.

We all know people who have very high havingness - the ones who seem to win all the door prizes, who never pay for their lattes, who seem to have the world on a string.

Then there are those whose havingness is rather low. Those folks can't seem to catch a break. They're under every rain cloud, the good deals pass them by, they're The Blitz (yes, somebody's finally watching How I Met Your Mother).

Most people are somewhere in between - we can have some things, but not others. We can have a bit of something, but not too much. We wish for something, hope for the best, and take what we get.

Or maybe you don't. Maybe you want to experience a little more than you are getting. Are you with me?

Where are you on the havingness scale? Have you ever thought about it? More interesting, did you know you can raise your havingness? 

That's right - you can raise your havingness. I recently wrote about mock ups as a way to get clear about what you're telling the universe you want. You can crank up the energy on a mock up, or really anything in your life, by cranking up your havingness for that picture.

Like mock ups, raising your havingness is an amusing way to engage with energy. Playing with your havingness tells the universe that you are ready - and willing - to receive the good stuff it wants to give you. It reminds you that you are worthy, you are deserving, and you are powerful. It also may help you see where you are holding yourself back, or allowing someone else's energy to block your way.

What follows is a simple way to check in with yourself and see where your havingness is at right now, and play around with raising it for yourself. 

Get grounded & quiet your mind, using the tools you prefer. Picture something you're after - self-confidence, a nice lunch, a new car, a stronger connection to spirit - pick a thing, and see a picture of it out in front of you.

Notice that there's a measure attached to it. It might be a digital number, a thermometer, a dial - whatever it looks like is fine. Without thinking about it (or judging it), see what that measure is showing. Is it 37%? Half-way? In the green? (Later on, you might want to go back and look at what might be affecting your havingness - but let's not do that now)

Now, raise that number to 100%. Push the thermometer to the top, turn the dial, whatever it takes to make that measure show it at its highest possible capacity. Even push it a little beyond that if you like. The universe isn't intimidated by 1000% havingness!

Next, imagine that measure being filled with gold energy. See it changing right before your eyes - it's maxed out and full of gold. 

Finally, put that whole picture, measure and all, in a bubble. Send it out to the universe (perhaps to your backyard, or over the Atlantic ocean, or in the parking lot of your grocery store, or up next to the moon - have fun with it!) and blow it up. What you're doing with that is releasing your attachment to it, letting the universe take it over. 

And notice what happens.





Barbara Holbrook2 Comments