I Could Feed a Small Country Off Boredom

Boredom can be quite the teenage bully. It has convinced me to eat when I’m not actually hunger, to experiment with what ingredients mixed together in a mug and microwaved make the best cake, to eat my kid’s pirate booty, and to dip miscellaneous things in peanut butter. Fact of the matter is a considerable amount of my calories have been fueled by boredom at various points in my life.

I’m talking about all kinds of boredom:  momentary boredom like when commercials are on, or more substantial boredom like my job is boring, my relationship is boring, and my soul is bored from being ignored for so many years! Boredom manifests in all sorts of ways, but when it does, many of us turn to food to fill the gap.

 What if we stopped doing that?

What if we fed our souls with adventures instead of Cheetos?

And spiced up our relationships instead of spicing up our palettes?

What if we ate food because it was delicious and nutritious and lived life in a way that was equally satisfying?

Where would we be then?