I Want to Go to Kindergarten Every Day

Kindergarten started recently for one of my crew. During orientation for kindergarten, I looked around the classroom, relaxed in the light-hearted manner in which the teacher guided us through what the year ahead would look like, and had a thought: everything in life should be this nice, this gentle, this patient. Then I saw the welcome message by the door that said it all, concluding with "...enjoy our world, and when you leave, we hope you carry with you some of our enthusiasm for living and learning."

All I could think was "Yes, yes, yes! Enthusiasm for living and learning - that's where it is hiding - in kindergarten!" 

In kindergarten, you are allowed to make mistakes, it's expected. In kindergarten, there are community supplies, everything is shared. In kindergarten, it's okay to feel nervous, scared, or a little hesitant, it's part of the process. In kindergarten, you color outside of the lines and it's a masterpiece. In kindergarten, everything is exciting, new, and fun because, well, that is really how life is, when we allow it to be that way.

We can all fall victim to forgetting how breathtaking the backdrop to our 'normal' life is, how completely fascinating we each are as individuals. Kindergarten reminds us of those very things.

Next time you find yourself feeling less than enthused about your life, pause, and remember what it was like to be 5 years old - to want to know and explore, to feel excited for the next adventure, and see if that brings in a touch of enthusiasm into your world that changes your day, week, month, year, or life...

I hope you enjoy this blog, and when you have read it, I hope you carry with you some of your own enthusiasm for life. We all know it's in there. 

As we do.


Elizabeth Guilbeault2 Comments