#tbt: I Wish

This post originally appeared on August 13, 2015.

Doing what I do, I see and hear a lot. I often see and hear individuals feeling like they are the only ones going through something, experiencing something, processing something. I have the advantage of noticing trends, seeing similarities, and hearing different sides of stories. I get to have the bigger picture. 

Doing what I also do, I tune into the energy of what's happening around us and in the world, planetary shifts, universal shifts, energetic shifts. I also have always been one to recognize patterns.

Through all of this, I wish others could validate more often their feelings and know they are not alone in what they are experiencing. Yes, certain aspects will be unique to them -- however, on an energetic level, there is a high likelihood that the energy you are handling or the experience you are having is shared. Others are working through or on very similar pictures. It might seem they are not because they may present a very different picture to the outside world. 

I find myself fascinated by how it all works. It reminds me of baby names and how popular names come about seemingly out of no where. All of a sudden Mason or Wyatt is the top boy's name. You go to 1st grade and there are 5 other Jessica's in your class. Unbelievable. 

Pictures and what we are clearing seem to work like that too. It's as if everyone is working through career, then something shifts and it is relationships, and then something shifts again and it is talking to spirit, etc, etc. How do it know?

Energy is so very powerful. I wish everyone could and would step back from where they are in this moment in time and space and see how utterly amazing they are and then how terrifyingly perfectly imperfect it all is - the unknowns, the fears, the joys, the tears, the love, the break ups, the get togethers - it is all so perfect even when it makes no sense, it feels like we are the only ones going through something like this, and we think everyone else has it figured out. 

You are amazing. This too shall pass. And no one else has it any more figured out than you.

As we do.   

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