Intention. INtention. In-tent-tion-al. In-tent.

Where did you set up your tent? And are you in it?

John Maxwell told me this past Friday that everything worthwhile is uphill and to go uphill you have to be intentional

Here's my thing - I believe in the power of intention. I believe in consciousness and setting intentions. I believe in setting up my tent and living in it.

Here's my struggle - why wouldn't everyone want to see where they were going? Why is neutrality, meditation, and seeing energy not a part of the conversation? When do we take intentions and consciousness to the next level and look from neutrality? Then move with conscious intention into action with a clear picture of the direction and destination in mind.

I believe everyone is great, whether your audience is 5, 500, or 500,000, you matter. You make a difference everyday. What you think, what you do, what you feel, matters. 

Get clear - set the intention - SEE IT - visualize it - and go for it!

Where does your intention lie? What's your intention today, this moment? How about the big picture? And...can you refrain from judgment about that intention and what follows? 

Get clear - set the intention - SEE IT - visualize it - and go for it! It doesn't matter if it's big or small by other's definition. Let it be yours. 

Let's intentionally do this thing (whatever this thing is) together!