#tbt: Is Karma Limiting You?

This post originally appeared on January 10, 2017.

It's a reality. Sometimes you can do all you can, grow as much as you can, and then you need a little help from an outside force to take your next step.

You can read and learn everything there is to read and learn in medical school and until you pass the tests and are handed the degree, you are not officially a doctor. You can write and write and until you package it all together, it's not exactly a book. The examples could go on and on. 

Karma is that way. You can clear what you can on your side, and then you have to let the other end of the karma equation do their part.

Karma is a fancy word for intention and action. Usually our intentions and actions involve other people. Therefore, karma is usually an energy created between two or more people. 

For example:  you might have a karmic agreement with a friend to help them this lifetime. You may help them and help them and help them. After a few months, a few years, a few decades, you may grow tired of this agreement. You may reach the point where you have fulfilled your "karmic" obligation, and yet, the friend keeps coming to you for help. You have resolved that you are done "helping," yet the other person hasn't come to terms with being done with their part of the agreement.

Their karmic stuck situation doesn't have to limit you from moving forward. 

You can separate out from that energy, that picture, that situation. You can move forward with your intention and actions. You can set your boundaries and redefine the relationship. It doesn't have to limit your next steps.

Next time you are feeling limited by a situation, pause and notice if you have cleared your part and then don't be afraid to let go of what you are ready to release. It might change some dynamics between you and the other person/people and that is okay. Karma doesn't have to limit you. You can move forward to do and create what you need to do and create this lifetime and keep clearing the karma as you go.