Isn't Everyone Doing It?

That is the question that often pops up for me when I think about meditation. 

Meditation is powerful. It changes things, people, experiences, and creates space for life, for processing, for understanding, and for neutrality. Studies have shown that meditation decreases stress, increases happiness, and lowers heart rates, among other benefits (we posted an article on FB the other week showing just that). 

What's the hesitation? Why wait? If all this proof points to "good," why is it still not the "thing" to be doing? Yes, the celebrities are doing it, Oprah and Deepak teamed up to make it main stream, and yet, millions still don't take 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 20 minutes a day to get their space, to reflect, to collect up and harness their energy and information to move through their life. 

While I realize it does not cure all that ails, meditation significantly helps me through life. Meditation affords me the opportunity to see my next steps. It creates time and space for me to detach and let go. It reminds me to be still, to pause everyday, and to trust. Meditation makes me a better person, a more present person, a gentler person. It doesn't automatically make everything easier or better, it doesn't automatically eliminate frustrations or fears; however, it makes all those things a bit more manageable.

Are you one of those folks that has been sitting on the sidelines of your life? Are you feeling ready to go all in? Are you ready to engage and be present?

Maybe you think you can't meditate. Maybe you believe you are one of those people that is too busy. Maybe you have tried before and it didn't work. 

If any of those apply to you, here's the challenge:  sign up for our newsletter and take our 5 minute meditation challenge. You will get four 5 minute meditations delivered to your in box every few days. Give it a go. If you like it, venture further. Send us a message, ask us your questions. If you have been watching us for a while and are ready to jump in now, join our AMP group where we demystify meditation one technique at a time. 

As we do.   

ps - AMP is our active meditation practice program that includes recorded guided meditations teaching techniques to use to build your meditation practice. This summer, it includes recorded calls on different topics and an invitation to join our closed FB group.