It Doesn't Fit Anymore!

We have all done it. Outgrown something. When we are kids and we outgrew our clothing, it felt like a right of passage - a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit more independent along with a little more air circulating around our ankles.

When we're older and clothes or relationships don't fit right, it can feel awkward; we may even say it's harsh, challenging, and wrong.

Recently, I have noticed things not fitting like they did a week ago, six months ago, not to mention two years ago.

Here at DS, we work with pictures. We like to see energy & look at how things are moving and flowing. We gain insight from the energy that surrounds us, whatever we are working with and handling. When we keep outdated pictures of ourselves and others lingering around, it can create discomfort because those pictures might not fit us or them anymore - just like outgrown clothing feels uncomfortable.

I listened to a sermon recently on blessings, in particular being mindful to count more positives during the day than negatives. Things not fitting anymore can sometimes feel like a negative. It's practically unheard of to show up for a divorce and have your attorney or judge slap you a high five and say, "Way to grow and stretch!" We tend to look at it as a negative. We judge: we judge ourselves, we feel guilty, we think we've been bad, or believe we could have done better.

That is not always the case. I use divorce as an example; however, the metaphor spills over to many other situations:  not getting a job, breaking up with someone, losing touch with friends, the clothes in the back of our closet not fitting anymore...need I go on?

While it might not always feel the best when something doesn't fit anymore (when we let go of "old" pictures if you will) what comes next, that thing which is underneath the shedding of the layers, can feel magical. It's a transformation, and, well - I will say it- a blessing.

Have you noticed that?

As we do.