It's Getting Hot in Here

Who got to decide that sex was a dirty word? That sex was a dirty act? Sexuality is one of the most primitive, and yes, I will even say, spiritual, of human experiences. If you google sexuality this is the first thing that comes up.

sex·u·al·i·ty noun

1.     capacity for sexual feelings.

"she began to understand the power of her sexuality"

She began to understand the power of her sexuality. I like that. Because that’s the thing, sexuality is powerful, a woman confident in her sexuality is like a storm; intense, persuasive, all encompassing. Yet, as a society we devalue this raw power by attaching stigmas and rules for how one must express and enjoy their own sexuality.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about sex, don’t we teach meditation?

Well, here’s the deal, sex is energy, it’s an exchange of energy. For anyone who has ever allowed themselves the freedom to have really amazing sex, you know it’s transformational. In order to get there you have to own your own sexuality first. You can’t bring with you the baggage of body issues, past failed relationships, social stigmas, or insecurities and expect to have that experience. You have to tap into the Divine energy that is your own sexuality, the power that is you.

Sex is about showing up - in your life and in your body - and then allowing yourself to enjoy that experience. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m passionate about this topic. There is value in uncovering this primitive part of ourselves and opening a gateway for creativity and transformation. 

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