Joys and Sorrows

When we looked at the topic and energy of joy, I thought, how easy to write about joy. And yet, I'm experiencing the opposite. Joy is tough. It's the thing everyone wants, right? Joy & happiness? And yet, what does that even look like?  

It looks different for everyone, just as everyone's sorrow looks different. Without knowing joy, we don't know sorrow and vice versa. They each serve a purpose, they each play a role. Without one there isn't the other. It's a balance. 

I find it easy to share joys. When things are great and life feels happy, sharing the news comes naturally. When things feel challenging and life feels rough, sharing the news doesn't come as naturally. Do you know what I mean? 

Joys shared are magnified, sorrows shared are lifted. Each energy or feeling inspires different action and has a unique impact. Where are you experiencing joy in your life? Sorrow? How are you sharing it?  

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment