Friday Fun: Less Woo, More Do

New year = 1,001 new ways to overhaul our lives? Yawn. New year = a little extra attention to the stuff that we know works? Now you're talking!

As we steer Daring Spirits into its next growth period, we are going to play more openly with psychic meditation and how we use it in everyday ways. Welcome to Friday Fun 2.0, so to speak!

If your resolutions (anyone else hate that word?) are set in stone and you're ready to roll, perfect! You might be ready to try some psychic meditation to bring them in. If you're still looking for the flow of the new year, no worries, you've got time. It's a leap year -  the Universe is lining up such a phenomenal year for us that 365 days simply isn't enough!

Psychic meditation sounds all "woo woo"...and there is definitely an element of woo in the way we see things here at Daring Spirits. YES, woo. AND it gets results, because it leads you to actionable next steps that make sense. We like to joke that our style of meditation could be labelled, "less woo, more do."

What psychic meditation tools are in heavy rotation these days? What are we getting from these go-to practices? How are we engaging where the action is? What else do you want to know - ask us in the comments!


Where to begin? I love to meditate. Folks that know me might think that an odd statement from the gal who doesn't quit. Are you a night person? Yes! Morning person? Yes! I love it all. Meditation, even when it's for 10 seconds, 5 minutes, or during a nightly rocking of the my little one to bed, makes it all possible.

I couldn't do my life without my meditation -- even though my practice, yes I will admit it, is not 2 hours a day or even 45 minutes a day most days. Most days, it's 5-10 minutes at the start of the day, a few minutes in the middle of the day, another 5-10 minutes at night, AND check points every hour -- sometimes every minute when things are intense.

I am constantly relying on my grounding cord, blowing roses, and working with gold to navigate each day. My mini-meditations, the 30 seconds before I drive out of the driveway, the 10 seconds while I fill up my water bottle, the deep breath when running back in the house to grab the pair of gloves someone needs, those are where the magic happens - those are the opportunities I take each day to meditate. Yes -- I said it and I will say it again -- to meditate.

Meditation to me is simply a way to connect with my energy, a way to clear everyone else out, and be in my own space. It's those moments that make up our lives and it is in those moments meditation makes my life easy, fun, possible.

Don't get me wrong, I forget sometimes, I lose my space sometimes, and I even, dare I say it, yell sometimes. That's where my tools (grounding, blowing roses, gold sun) help bring me back fast so I can get on with my smiles, my hugs, my joys, my laughter, my day, and my life - the one I'm co-creating.


^^ What she said. ^^

But in the interest of not making E do all the heavy lifting, I'll add on.

The last couple of months have been the tail end of a long-ass growth period for me, and I am finally stepping out of the muck and seeing what's shifted while I was growing. I wouldn't be able to have it if it weren't for amusement, neutrality, and protecting my space.

Amusement - because I finally feel, deep in my bones, that my Barbara-shaped lump of atoms is in on the great cosmic game of life. I can see beyond myself and my journey, and what I see is some seriously amusing stuff!

Neutrality - being able to sit with situations, emotions, heck, even people, in a non-judgemental way makes life so much easier. Diffusing the emotional charge on something and simply seeing it as a bundle of energy allows me to sleep better, and I'm pretty sure it's made my skin glow. Seriously - it's taken my stress level down to DEFCON 5, no small feat for this recovering perfectionist.

Protecting (or holding) my space - in other words, keeping my energy with me and keeping other energies out. It's a game-changer, and I am relying on it as this little blog grows up. Coming out as a clairvoyant has stirred up curiosity, skepticism, fear, even anger, in people around me, and that doesn't match my current vibration! 


Sound intriguing? Want more? Something lighting up for you and you want to see where it goes? There are meditations waiting for you in the shop. See you there!