Let the Coin Decide

Have you ever done that? Used a coin toss to decide something? You are torn between two decisions, so you turn it over to the coin? Heads, yes, Tails, no. You can then either take it at face value with what it lands on. Or, use your gut response to the verdict to know your truth. 

Choices. Yes or no, left or right, up or down, which way to go next. Our entire lives, a series of choices. Sometimes those choices feel big and sometimes they feel small. Some have immediate consequences, some long term consequences, and some appear inconsequential. Each decision rippling out...on and on, so on and so on.

And yet, what if the only choice is to show up? To show up and be present, to engage where and when needed, and to let the rest fall into place?

Easier said than done. I get it. And yet...maybe it is the easiest thing we can dare to do.



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment