Let the Show Begin

You got your ticket, you waited, you arrived in your own time, you showed up, and then the show began.

What show?

Your show, of course, where you are the star, where you are the main character, where everything is all about and for you. 

And for a while, it is. Your parents dote on you, your every move is watched, maybe even recorded for future reflection, and you are the star!

Then, something changes. Life keeps moving. You grow up. You are told it's not about you. The channel has changed.

Hold on a cotton pickin' minute! This is not what I signed up for, did I? No!

Are you still starring in your show? Are you the center of your world?

I'm not talking about being selfish and egotistical, not caring about anyone else. I am referring to making your life, your dreams, your aspirations, your goals your priority. I am speaking of focusing your energy on how you spend your time, who you surround yourself with, and what you do and create with your 'air' time.

We are all in production, working on our sets, wardrobes, and lines all the time. We are perfecting our art each day. We are witnessing other shows while our show continues. Different audiences come and go. And yet, the show must go on and keep going. 

It's your life. It began well before the day you were born. How you continue to create the show, the characters you bring onto stage with you, the audience interaction you allow, the type of show it is (drama, comedy, romance), are all up to you. You decide. You get to choose how you interact with other 'stars' in their productions. You get to!

If you have lost sight of your show, forgotten you can be the center of your own production, it might be time for a re-write. 

Be the main character in your life. Focus on you. Go for your dreams. Believe in the possible. Open to the impossible. And be a star!

As we do.