Letter to the Universe

If I were to write a letter to the universe, it would look something like this…

Dear Universe,

I am writing on behalf of myself. I have a beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary, hectic, fulfilling, chaotic, interesting, boring, predictable, unpredictable, unique life.

So, why am I writing?

Because I am human and sometimes I crave answers, fast answers, immediate answers…sometimes I want to know if I am on the ‘right’ track and sometimes the signs that I am or am not are not exactly what I want to hear, notice, see. Because sometimes I feel confused, lost, like I am failing all persons in my life including myself, like I don’t have any answers, and like I would like to crawl into a hole for a moment. Because sometimes I get so filled up with emotion and the amazing experiences of the typical day, a whole box of tissues doesn’t catch all my tears of joy. Because sometimes I need to express all these life experiences to someone and only the Universe can understand the magnitude of it all (as my little brain and body can’t process it). 

I would like more – more collaboration, more fun, more growing, more creating, more laughter, more love, more friendship, more success, and more play. 

I would like to sizzle, to shine, to continue to say yes more often!

I would like to feel like the funniest and “funnest” gal in the room.

I would like to get my toes painted with stripes.

I would like to do more – more for others, more for the universe, more for this planet.

Thank you, as always, for listening, Universe.