#tbt: Lock in Your Energy Rate

This post originally appeared on February 29, 2016.

Sitting in a waiting area one day, I had my laptop open and was trying to come up with a good blog post (trying was probably my first mistake, trying being all about effort and creativity being a lot about just getting in the flow - ooh! there's a great idea for a post...but I digress). Someone asked what I was working on, and I said, somewhat distractedly, "Writing a blog about energy." His response made me sit up and pay attention.

The man I was chatting with went on in fair detail about how it was helpful for him, in running his business, to lock in his energy rate for 6, 12, even 24 months when the fuel oil company allowed it. If the rate went above his promised expense during that time, he saved money. He explained that even if the rate went below his lock-in, knowing what that expense was going to be every month made his budgeting so much easier and more reliable. It was worth it to him to have that information upfront, regardless of what the market did during his rate guarantee.

I grinned and thanked him profusely for providing me with the inspiration I was looking for. He looked a little confused, so I shared what kind of energy I work with and write about...suffice it to say, he became not much less confused as I spoke.

It's a great analogy, though, don't you think? How much easier and more reliable would your choices be if you knew what your energy would be doing months down the road (or, let's be honest, an hour from now)?

That, my friends, is a pretty darn good way to sum up what clairvoyance does. It's practically a way to lock in your metaphysical energy rate. By strengthening your connection to your higher power, to the creative forces in the universe, to your own truth, in seeing where you're working, you can more efficiently budget your resources - the choices you make, the time and effort you direct at something, the help you ask for, etc. 

You'll never eliminate the mystery, you'll never do away completely with variables in life - that's not the nature of living, nor is it necessarily something you'd want to do. You can, however, learn to lock in your own personal energy rate and use it to make choices that are supportive to your life's goals and your spirit's desires for this lifetime.

Think about what your energy rate is right now, and try to see what it might be tomorrow, next week, next month.

And notice what happens.