Wanna Be a Lucky Duck?

Growing up, I watched a lot of "Hee Haw," because it was a show that my grandmother loved (see also: Lawrence Welk...polkas and good clean fun, that was the way of things in the northern Minnesota "Mayberry" of my youth). There's a sketch that I recreate often when my children are wailing against some decision or circumstance, much to their dismay (and, I think, to their amusement...that's the point, anyway). Anybody remember this?

One line has always jumped out at me: "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." 

Growing up, that didn't make sense to me. I thought, well, if your choices are bad luck or no luck, obviously believing in luck at all was just setting yourself up for disappointment. Why bother?

There's a nugget of spiritual wisdom in that phrase, can you see it? It's all about your perception. If all you ever experience is "bad" luck, you don't even know where to begin preparing for good luck! You wouldn't recognize it if you met it on the street. So of course, you're never going to find it. 

What are you preparing for? I'll give you a hint: it's what you keep naming. The more you put your attention on an idea, the more of that idea the Universe delivers to you. It's energetic resonance. Vibrate at the frequency of "bad luck," and bad luck shall be yours. 

It's not about dancing through life with Pollyanna's rose colored glasses on. It's about shifting your mindset to align with a powerful spiritual principle, namely that the Universe is designed for you to thrive. We all experience things that some would call "unlucky," but really that's just a label - and in this case, labels do matter. They matter to the Universe. The labels you use to identify your experiences matter greatly. They actually are a means of co-creating the "matter" of your life.

Try this: for the rest of the week, remind yourself that you have really good luck.

When you're looking for a parking space, say, "I always find a convenient spot. I have really good luck!" When you're pitching the idea, you have really good luck. Shopping for deals, you have really good luck. Picking the eHarmony person to go out with, again, really good luck.

And notice what happens.

P.S. I don't advocate running out and spending the grocery money on lottery tickets or slot machines. As always, make good choices.

P.P.S. For another fun way to welcome luck in your life, check out this week's free active meditation on luck available on our Home page. This week we offer up a fun technique/visual to bring in luck!  

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