Make Your Vision Board Work for You

If you've never made a vision board before, I recommend that you try it at least once. If you go into it with the attitude that it's all "woo woo weirdness" then it won't be more than an artsy-fartsy excuse to play with glue. And maybe drink wine with friends. Either way, not a rotten way to pass a few hours.

If you go into it with the attitude that you're going to see differently, though...well, then, you are in for some real fun.

Here's the thing about vision boards that a lot of "manifestation experts" don't tell you: the goal isn't to turn the Universe into your cosmic errand boy, gathering pictures of all the material things you want and waving them under the Universe's nose like It's some celestial fulfillment center. The Universe knows what you want. The Universe is designed to give it to you. 

The goal is to give you some clarity around where you are feeling compelled to commit your resources of time, attention, energy, and money. It's a priority-sifter. A way of leading you to whatever the next step is for you. The magazine pictures are just a way of tapping in to the visual/creative side of your brain, and getting you out of analyzer mode.

And it always works for you.

The question is, do you recognize it when it does? Can you show up for it? Can you have it? Or are you pushing it (whatever "it" is) away because it isn't exactly what you thought it would look like?

A vision board isn't an excuse to sit back and wait for delivery. A vision board is a call to action, a commitment to see your life in a new way.

A vision board doesn't change your life - changing your vision changes your life. Learn to see beyond what your physical eyes show you. Learn to see clearly with your inner vision ("clairvoyance" is French for "clear seeing;" hello, Woo Woo Weirdness, you're not so weird after all).

Think of a vision board as an emotional guidance system. Each image is there to show you something you want to feel. The whole board is a map of your path to becoming a more fully actualized human being.

Don't overthink it. Grab a stack of magazines and some scissors, and start pulling out whatever grabs your attention. Then lay it all out & see what theme(s) you discover. Organize the images you want on a piece of poster board (you don't have to use them all, you'll know which to keep and which to let go) and put it where you'll see it every day. Then go about your life, paying just a little more attention to the things that you see and hear in the course of your day.

And notice what happens.


ps - Here's my current vision board. Drop yours in the comments here or on Facebook, and let's inspire each other!