Me and My Shadow

Last night we were treated to a rare lunar event - a full moon/super moon lunar eclipse. Normally, the moon calmly and quietly reflects sunlight, and it's often referred to as serene. Last night, however, the triple-whammy practically demanded that we stop and pay attention.

Astronomers tell us that this particular kind of eclipse won't happen again for 18 years - and if you watched it, it was definitely worthy of our attention. The moon was at its closest point to Earth in its orbit - so it seemed larger than usual. As the moon passed into the Earth's shadow, it seemed to glow with a reddish hue. All week leading up to the event, the Internet was flooded with articles and viewing tips, turning up the energy on our awareness.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff happening in one night. Glowing shadows, objects appearing bigger than they actually are - it's enough to give you pause. 

Let's pause to consider our own shadow. We all have a shadow. A shadow that sometimes appears bigger than we actually are. At times, we like to pretend we don't have shadow selves - that there is no dark side to us. Yet, we all know that isn't true.

Don't we?

Just like the moon passing through the Earth's shadow brings our attention to that shadow, those shadowy parts of ourselves need our attention. They are there, and they exist because the universe thrives in balance. Light and dark coexist because they are comparatives - you simply cannot have one without the other.

Spending time with our shadow self takes courage and discipline. It's much easier to go towards the light, to not notice when the dark stuff pops up, to stay away from the shadows. Yet seeing the shadow, acknowledging the shadow as something we're passing through, allows for things to keep moving. 

Life works better when we look at the whole - when we see the good and the bad - the light and the dark. 

In the wake of this Super Moon Lunar Eclipse, pause and notice your shadow self, where you might be denying a feeling or emotion because you are not sure what color it might glow if allowed out. Most likely, saying hello to the energy takes the charge off of it and what you are left with is simply a pretty picture, a cool image, that occurs periodically (perhaps for us as individuals more often than this Super Moon Lunar Eclipse).

As we do. 

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment