In an instant that broken necklace, that ripped note, that crumpled movie stub that had almost found its way to the trash transforms into the reminder, the link, the connection to what was. 

Life is always changing. Yet, we never really know exactly when or how it's changing. 

Life is precious. The moments that seem to last forever, don't. The occasions we desperately want to slow down, pass at the same rate as all the others. We are then left to hold onto the memories, the mental pictures, the tangible evidences, the stories.

It's in sharing those moments we connect to body and spirit. Spirit is always around us, whether we see it or not. When we welcome spirit in, it graces our lives in countless ways, reminding us that life is meant to be beautiful, to be cherished, to be celebrated, and to be honored. 

So hold on, remember, cherish, and keep going, keep creating the memories and savoring it all as best you can along the way. 

As we do.

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment