No Big Deal

I grew up in Jersey (not all my growing up years, so I still learned how to pump my own gas before college). Somewhere in the transition of moving to Jersey and living there for a few years, we adopted the phrase "no big deal" (said in a really bad Jersey accent) in my family. It became a catch phrase when something happened or someone felt worried about something and a source of amusement, helping to lighten any mood that became too serious unnecessarily.  

So even now, when I get too serious or too bogged down in details, I hear my brother saying "no big deal" and instantly I have to laugh. 

Lately, it seems a lot of big deal things have been happening. When I turn on the news, it's full of big deals. I won't go into detail here as I know you most likely you have already heard about them or seen them reported. As much as I attempt to label things as 'no big deal' - it doesn't seem to stick which leaves me to ask:  when are we all going to collectively decide "this is" a big deal and wake up to consciously change what's happening? 

Or are we all resigned to think we can't make a difference? It's all such a big deal that as individuals we can't do anything to change any of it? 

I am sure that we can make a difference. Each one of us can decide consciously to see, to look, to make it a big deal and shift our energy. I'm sure we don't have to match violence with violence as much as I'm sure that if you are feeling resigned and that there is nothing you can do, you can make a difference by simply stepping out of agreement, deciding for yourself, and working from your truth rather than fear.

Pay attention. Consciously live. Choose awareness.

Then let the other things be 'no big deal.'

As we do.





Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment