Oily Inspiration: Essential Oils to Boost Your 9th Chakra

Last week we offered up the latest installment in our year-long chakra series (sign up here if you're not already), where we dove into the 9th chakra. The ninth is all about destiny and your highest purpose. The oils we share here are beautiful ways to support your work in the 9th as you meditate and incorporate what you're learning. 

Cistus Also known as rockrose, it is believed that cistus is what is referred to in the Bible as Rose of Sharon. Cistus has been used for centuries as a temple incense and in beauty rituals. The earthy smell of cistus blends beautifully with sandalwood, frankincense, and rose. It's a brilliant oil to enhance meditation, and to help access the 9th chakra. 

Hinoki Hinoki is a Japanese cypress that increases spiritual awareness with its invigorating citrus-like aroma (imagine spicy lemon, and you're pretty close). It supports relaxation and peace of mind, and is said to increase spiritual awareness - perfect for doing the soul work of the 9th chakra! 

Egyptian Gold This heady blend is a spirit-supporting powerhouse, combining high-vibration oils like rose, frankincense, hyssop, and myrrh with body-friendly lavender and other oils to help you move up and out to the realm of Spirit and back. It's both empowering and stabilizing, making it an excellent choice when working in the higher chakras.

For more about how we use oils and to order your own, click over to our Essential Oils Resource Page.


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