Oily Inspiration: Essential Oils for Dads

It's true, we are guilty of it, forgetting the men in our lives sometime, the hubbies, the brothers, the uncles, When it comes to essential oils, we sometimes can focus on some of the more flowery aromas that aren't always as appealing to men as to women. So, we thought we would change it up a bit in honor of Father's Day. 

Shutran is a Young Living Essential Oils designed with men in mind. It is geared toward boosting masculinity as well as confidence making it the perfect essential oils to wear or take a whiff off just before that big meeting with your boss. This essential oil appeals to all with its blend of Ocotea, Idaho Blue Spruce, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Lemon (to name a few). 

To order this oil (great gift for Father's Day!), go to our Essential Oils resource page and click on the link to set up your Young Living account.

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