Oily Inspiration: Fennel

My adoration of Young Living's Fennel Essential Oil surprised me. It has a licorice-like scent and not being a huge fan of licorice, I didn't think Fennel would be my go to oil. And yet, I have found myself using Fennel Essential Oil on the regular. 

Fennel Essential Oil is an oil that is steamed distilled from the seed of the fennel plant. It can be diffused and used topically. Fennel EO supports liver/spleen issues, weight issues, digestive issues, and skin issues. It's also a grounding oil.

Here is how I have been using Fennel Essential Oil:
1. Concocting a roll on blend that supports detoxing and toning the body. It includes Fennel, Grapefruit, and Lemongrass (add 10-15 drops of each of the essential oils with avocado oil as the carrier oil). This blend can be rolled on or applied topically all over the body. 

2. Diffusing Fennel Essential Oil to create a grounding and focused environment for working and during homework time. 

If you are looking to expand your use of essential oils, consider adding Young Living's Fennel Essential Oil to your collection. 

For more about how we use oils and to order your own, click over to our Essential Oils Resource Page and like our Amplified by Essential Oils page. 

Note: Fennel is an oil to be avoided during pregnancy or nursing, if you have endometriosis or if you have an estrogen-linked cancer.