Oily Inspiration: How to Choose the "Right" Essential Oil for You

There are so many essential oils out there. Has it ever led you to wonder "how do I choose the 'right' one for me?" 

Here are a few tips for choosing an essential oil that lines up with you in present time (note, these techniques can be applied to other choices throughout your day/life):

1. Go with your gut. Often we have physical reactions to a situation or something around us. Our bodies communicate with us all. the. time. How we listen and respond can vary depending on how tuned in we are to the messages at that moment. When you stand in front of your Young Living Essential Oil (YLEO) selection or are looking to decide something, notice what your initial response is. Do you immediately get a "yes, I want to do that!" or a "no, not for me!" If you get a "yes!" in front of a certain YLEO, that is probably the one to go with for that moment/day.

2. Do a little research. Is there something that keeps popping up? Do you feel stressed every time you lay down to go to bed? Are you distracted when you have to do a certain project every week/day? Does your mood shift when it's time to go to a particular place? Pay attention to those signs and signals from the body and then do a little leg work to find the Young Living Essential Oil that supports that feeling, emotion, or energy. Perhaps Young Living Stress Away on your feet before bed to aid in letting go of the stress. Maybe diffusing Young Living Clarity when working on a particular project would support your focus. 

3. Use a pendulum. Pendulums are a fun way to get a visual answer to those gut feelings. It shifts the response from the body to a third eye, seeing clearly ability which makes it gentler on the body. Seeing your answers versus feeling your answers is much easier on the body. Makes sense, right? Rather than running all of the information through the body and having the "gut" feeling tell you, you simply see the answer in front of you either in the form of a pendulum or connecting in active meditation to your yes or no answers. 

To learn to use a pendulum, enjoy this video:

To access your yes or no through active meditation, ask. You can give yourself a grounding cord, be in the center of your head (neutrality helps so much when getting your answers), create and destroy a few roses, and when you are ready ask yourself what is my yes color or symbol then let that go and ask what is your no color or symbol. There you have it. Whenever you feel like you need support deciding something, jump into the center of your head and ask the question and see what answer pops up. Simple as that! 

Three easy techniques to use to choose the "right" essential oil for you. Play with them, make it work for you, and have fun! 

For more information on Young Living Essential Oils, pop over to our Essential Oils Resource Page, our sister Amplified by Essential Oils Facebook page or contact us to learn how to bring Young Living Essential Oils (and beyond!) in to your life! 

photo by Elizabeth Guilbeault