Oily Inspiration: Lime Essential Oil

I love when I unknowingly incorporate in to my life the things that are supporting what I'm feeling without even realizing it. That is what happened when I revisited what Lime Essential Oil is "good" for supporting after I noticed I kept reaching for it again and again this week. 

If you have ever squeezed a lime and smelled the fresh juice, you know the zingy, bright scent and flavor lime offers. When diffused, it adds that bright scent to the room and the result: uplifting and creative energy. It livens things up and re-juvinates anyone that walks in the space.

Lately, I have had such an affinity for Lime Essential Oil. I can't seem to get enough of it. Then I made the connection. Lime Essential Oil fosters creativity in its inspiring aroma, which was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we all feel a bit lackluster or uninspired. Essential oils and aromatherapy are great ways to shift those energies.

Lime Essential Oil is also found in two of our favorite Young Living blends Stress Away and Common Sense as well as in the Theives Fruit and Veggie Wash. Get yours today! 

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