Oily Inspiration: Oola Grow

I got a surprise in my Young Living rewards order this month:  the Young Living Oola Grow Essential Oil. I had forgotten it was coming and what a treat it was to open it up and remember! This Young Living blend is great for supporting focus and next steps. What perfect timing as we dive deeper in to springtime growth!

Over the next few days and weeks, I am going to use Oola Grow in my diffuser strategically during the day, specifically during work and homework time. We are working on a few things here at DS which this oil will support. With sunny, beautiful weather, the desire to focus on homework is not at the top of the list. This oil will help with focus to get it done in order to get outside and play!

In addition to Oola Grow, Young Living has a line of Oola inspired oils including:  Faith, Family, Field, Fitness, Finance, Fun, and Friends. There is also an Oola Balance. Oola stands for a state of awesomeness. This line was developed when Young Living partnered with Oola to work within these big areas of life to engage the senses to take things to a higher level of awesomeness!

Which Oola resonates with you? Add one or two to your next Essential Rewards order and see how it works for you!  

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PS - To take things up another notch, diffuse an Oola blend while listening to one of our specialized AMP recordings on Career, Relationships, Wealth, Health, or Creativity.