On Hold

I spent time on hold the other night. It was fine since there was really jazzy music playing and the person who put me on hold kept popping on the line saying "I'm still working on this for you...wanted to make sure you knew I didn't go anywhere."

How kind!

Little did she know that I enjoyed every minute, every second of my time on hold...to the point I almost asked her to put me back on hold when she jumped back on the line with an answer.

I turned my 'on hold' time into a pause - time to reflect, breath, sit, meditate, think. Ah, glorious moments on hold to think!

So much of life is go - go - go (my 18-month-old even runs around the house saying "go, go go!"). And yet, often we find ourselves on hold or putting things on hold because of cold feet, out of obligation, or feeling like we have to slow things down in order to not upset the apple cart (so to speak). We wait until we retire, we wait until finances are in order, we wait until everything is all lined up. We put things on hold.


Are you being put on hold? Are you putting things on hold? Are others putting things on hold for you? Are you ready to get things moving and off the hold button?  

Wait, hold on a second...

As we do.



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment