One Struggle at a Time

Struggle has changed me. The “Ups and Downs” of my life so far have changed me. They have made me who I am today. I have come to realize that the intensity with which I used to struggle through life was not possible to maintain, if I wanted to grow old and not crawl across the finish line. (My new favorite term and mantra;0))

I have also come to realize that at least 95 percent of my struggle happens in my head. I have learned that if I am honest with myself and then look at the situation at hand and look at where I am at this very moment, almost none of my struggle makes sense. I am here, sitting on my couch worrying about who said what, or about my kids’ diet or their problems they might encounter in school. However, it is 11 pm on a Monday night, my body and my head are tired and exhausted. So what good will come from my pondering problems completely out of my reach and control as of now?

Would it serve my children in any way, if I stayed up, awake for another 2 hours and then be a grumpy tired Mommie-zombie all day tomorrow? Will it have solved any problems, made them healthier or their friends nicer to them? Well, of course no, none of it will help.

Instead, I decide, I will do a gentle yoga practice, treat my body and mind to a quiet and deep sleep. I will then wake up tomorrow and offer my children a couple of healthy choices to eat for breakfast. If they then refuse to touch any of it, I will take a few deep breaths. Then I might have a talk with them. Or not. I might have that talk later at lunch or at dinner. I will have it when the time is right. When our moment has come.

It is up to us, how we embrace the struggles, the “Ups and Downs," and how we view them. Do we view them as traps that keep us from moving or as opportunities to change, to mold, to breathe. And to keep going. One up and one down at a time.

Sat Nam.

Photo by Romy Eichner


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