TBT: Ready or Not?

This post originally appeared on October 29, 2015.

Are you ready for a shift? If the lottery numbers come up your way tomorrow, are you ready? If the person of your dreams found their way into your life later today - are you ready? If the job you've coveted for a long time falls into place and you're to start next week, are you ready?

We all have aspirations, visions, mock-ups for how we want things to go, right? Who hasn't daydreamed about pulling up to their beautiful home on Lake Como and enjoying a nice meal on the verandah with friends, talking in to the wee hours of the morning about all the amazing art you saw that day? OK, maybe not that specifically, but you know what I mean.

When the dream is "out there" somewhere, it's easy to think it may never arrive. When you are working toward something, though, bringing it to life day by day, closing the gap between it and you, there comes a point where part of what you have to do is be ready to receive it.

What does receiving look like? It's different for everyone, though I know there are common threads. 

I've found that a big step toward receiving is to get really specific about my goals. Write them out, make a vision board, talk about them to myself and others, refine the specifics - be very clear about what exactly I am seeking, and working that mock-up regularly. Part B of this step is asking myself, when I do something, is it bringing me closer to or farther from my dream?

Another step toward receiving involves opening my hands. Do you know what I'm talking about? There are times when my hands are so full, when I am holding so tightly to what I have, that there is nowhere for what I want to land. So I need to energetically open my hands.

A part of the process that keeps me on my toes is being prepared to receive. Am I ready? When "it" arrives, can I have it? Is my mindset such that I can allow the universe to deliver? Sometimes there are things in the way - old pictures, social programming, familial stories - that stop the dream in its tracks. Have you ever felt that?

You've got big dreams for this precious lifetime, I know you do. Is it time to connect with them? Are you ready? Ask yourself, and start working toward them for real.

And notice what happens.