Peace Now

Where are you right at this moment? Where are you while reading this blog? Are you sitting on a chair, are you standing? Are you comfortable or are you not? Are you in the office, at home or at a coffee shop? Are you in the car waiting for your children? Does your body feel light or heavy today? 

For me, cars provide beautiful moments of peace, right in between tasks, in between errands. When I give myself permission to sit and wait. No "to do's" for a moment or two. I allow my eyes and mind to wander. I look around. I feel around.

Can you also find and appreciate the peace surrounding you? Or will your mind carry you away into struggle?

Yesterday I waited for my students to arrive. I was sitting on my mat, admiring the sun entering the window. Which is when I took the picture for today’s blog post. It was a true moment of peace for me.

Practicing yoga for many years and teaching it has taught me about getting into the moment over and over. With my teaching, I aim to open my student’s (and truly anyone) to get in touch with the present moment. I encourage them to see the NOW, to accept the NOW and eventually to be at peace with the NOW.

My very simple question is:  Where are you? What are you doing at this very moment? Sitting, standing, resting, rushing? How does your body feel? Can you see any beauty where ever you are? Maybe you see ugly things? Maybe you see destruction, rather then beauty? But are you seeing it? And can you let go of the judgement? Find your neutrality with whatever you see? Can you find the peace offered to you by this moment? Can you ground yourself, to be able to appreciate this moment?

I sound rather accomplished, don’t I?

But don’t let my post fool you. I have many, many moments throughout my days, during which I feel challenged to find peace. I struggle while getting up in the morning, while preparing my children’s breakfasts and snacks, while rushing to appointments, while shopping, preparing and messing up dinner, during our homework fights, while getting my kids going or not, in and out of the house, in and out of the car.

Oh, I struggle. Then I crash, I blame, I cry. Then I remember. I apologize. I close the door of my car and listen. I listen to the quiet. I appreciate the quiet. I see trees, I see buildings, people. Then I feel gratitude for remembering, that there is indeed peace all around me, if only I remember to look for it and that I can rediscover it every day. Again and again. And it will always be there, waiting for me.

Sat Nam.

photo by Romy Eichner

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